Plastic cosmetic surgery is big business. In 2005, the amount of aesthetic processes reached more than 10 trillion, nearly all of that have been minimally invasive tactics done on an outpatient basis. Of the whole, liposuction was the most used treatment with increased than 323,000 procedures, accompanied by nose reshaping (298,000), breast augmentation (291,000), eyelid lifts (230,000), and tummy tucks (134,000). And cosmetic surgery isn't only for girls any longer; the American Academy of Surgery and Facial Plastic reported a 60% increase in 2005 in the amount of male people.


 He's a Guy of National School of Surgeons (FACS), an energetic member of the National Community of Plastic Surgery (ASPS), and anex-member of Massachusetts Medical Community and American Medical Association. Coverage of 6 digits in major magazine pursuing successful replantation in-patients who'd accidentally cut 8 digits in both of your while.Awarded the Ethicon visiting lecturer of Plastic surgery for that year 2011, from the association in identification of share to coaching & academics. Doctor Wagh currently works the entire spectrum of Cosmetic surgical treatments from facelifts, blepharoplasties, ear shaping, rhinoplasties as well as other cosmetic aesthetic operations to body contouring and cosmetic surgery. 


He specializes in body-sculpting chest reshaping, techniques and medical facial rejuvenation. Rhinoplasty for cleft and his technique of cleft palate repair people have been presented and published by him at different nationwide and international fora which have been heralded by his colleagues. He has been element of numerous campaigns that are cultural and offered his providers in' ideologies' prepared Operation Laugh and by the Rotary Membership. He's one of many distinctive specialists to have been specially trained for Body and Liposuction Contouring in the United States. Visit  http://www.drvitenas.com/brazilian-butt-lift-houston for more info.

 He believes that aimed curiosity to at least one subspecialty of cosmetic surgery i.e. Plastic Surgery and Hair transplantation is important to supply attention, individual security and medical excellence's greatest standard. Highly skilled and capable colleagues who're involved in the dissection of hair products under high magnification are also included by the group for hair transplantation. He is to delivering his individuals with the greatest quality of care, combining operative expertise having a personal and truthful approach committed. Privacy is guaranteed. Besides visually desirable benefits, the goal will be to improve not only how they experience, although how the individuals glance.Substantial experience in Cosmetic Surgery methods Blepharoplasty, especially all Facial aesthetic surgical treatments including Encounter, Throat, browlift, Dermabrasion, Rhinoplasty, Otoplasty, Chest Liposuction Autologous fat injection etc. 


Doctor Nanda did his MS from AIIMS and MRCS. Subsequent from PGI in 1997, he underwent advanced fellowships under leaders in cosmetic and cosmetic surgery in Spain, Japan, U.K. & US. He has been a senior school at PGIMER, Chandigarh and was hired by Ministry of Oman as head of the Plastic-Surgery device in a suggestion hospital in Oman. His Medical diploma was received by him with variation, from Philadelphia, USA's Medical School. Their Postdoctoral instruction was at many prestigious companies such as The Mount Sinai Hospital Clinic, Ny and Also The Hahnemann University Hospital, Philadelphia. He then qualified with the Pros inside Cosmetic Surgery's different professions. Plastic and Reconstructive - University of California, Los Angeles , California, U.S.A.